Microsoft Web Platform : Turbocharge to build and run Web sites and applications on Windows

Microsoft Web Platform is a perfect tool for windows which allows you install applications, build and run websites in minutes which is a big headache when you try to do it on your own.

For example if you are building a website using WordPress or Sugar CRM, can you think what are the things you need to make it run ? Database ? Server ? Arggg there are too many things and this is exactly what Microsoft Web Platform is trying to solve for you and You can check out the number of applications that are included with the installer.

You can download the installer from here and then you can install the most famous applications or web apps using this tool. After you download it, it would go through minimum configurations and then you would be greeted by this screen which would list out the latest Web Platform Products.

Like you can see above, you can select any of the web applications which is well categorized into Blogs, Content management, e-commerce etc and install it locally into your computer. This application will take care of installing the latest and complete required products like database, server, frameworks etc and will make it ready for you in minutes.

Microsoft Web Platform is definitely a nice tool for people who use windows and still want to try other products which run on environments like Linux etc and is a golden bullet for installing everything in a shot.


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