Microsoft Word link checker plugin

It happens many a times that you had created a report using word document and had linked lot of pages and sections within the document so that you boss can easily navigate the references but he simple blows you at the end of the day saying “None of your links are working”. Bam!!

All hardwork you did was spoiled because you forgot to check if the links were working fine. Well We all understand how difficult job that is but this becomes a necessary burden to keep up your own reputation.

Though Word lets you create and update back the Table of index etc but finding links in between and checking if they work is difficult. Martin @ Ghacks found a plugin, Document Hyperlink Checker,  that works with Microsoft Office and lets you check if any of the internal links are broken.

Word hyperlink checker

This application does recognizes External links but doesn’t check for their validity. If the team can add that too, It become an unbeatable plugin for MS word.


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