Video Review : Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse: The Makeover

Just got tipped from a PR, that Microsof’s Arc Touch has a new design. You can flatten it to turn the mouse off and curve it back to turn it on and start using it. Also, it is 15 millimeters thick at the widest point and has a special sensitivity for scrolling, i.e., it Supports fast and slow scrolling depending on your touch gestures.

Main Features of Arc Touch Mouse :

  • Flexible Design, i.e., Gets Flat, so it can be easily kept anywhere
  • Power on and Power Off mode.
  • Blue track Technology makes this mouse work anywhere.
  • Touch to Scroll
  • Snap-in Transceiver

My Verdict :

The mouse is very comfortable to use, and I had no issues while using it even for a month; however; I did take a lot of time adapting to it as it is very different from the traditional mouse where you hold it straight away, whereas, in Arc Touch Mouse, you have your pal curved like you hold a ball. Another important factor comes is when you click the right and left buttons. For a traditional mouse, you can click anywhere, but for this, it only clicks at the end of the fingertips. That’s another point of adoption. The scroll button is nice, which gives you a mechanical scroll feel.

Durability : 

  • The Mouse is sturdy and doesn’t break when you drop it or even try to vibrate it hard.
  • Carrying is easy because it fattens and slips anywhere.
  • Battery Life is not as par, and it’s better to use a chargeable battery. It’s not 6 Months of long-lasting stuff if you use it heavily. Also, you need to be careful to flatten it when you are not using it to save battery.

Pricing: It comes at 3600 Rs and 3 Years of Warranty. Check it out on Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Images


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