Microsoft’s Mathematics : Solve math problems step by step

Microsoft has released a Math Tutor which helps you solve complex or simple mathematical problems step by step. For example if you have a math formula X + Y = Root of X it breaks into steps to give a final solution which is simpler  and where required gives conditions if X has to be greater than zero etc. The idea of this Maths Tutor is to let school students understand how to solve maths problem and what steps they should take.

Math Tutor Steps

Features :

  • Solve complex and simple Mathematical equations related to pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, physics, chemistry, and calculus.
  • Calculation can be done using Real and Complex numbers.
  • Perform Complex Matrix Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction and so on.

Matrix Solver

  • It comes with a Triangle Solver which takes up the basic information like angle and sides to find how the rest of the triangle will look like. It also tells you what type of triangle it is i.e. obstuce and finds Altitudes and Area of the triangle.

Triangle Solver

  • Add-ins for Microsoft Word and One Note is also available.

Microsoft Mathematics Video ( Direct Link )



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