Mirror Folder keeps your folder structure in sync

Keeping same data in your laptop and on your computer is what many of us do but what if you do not want the complete backup but only sync files you want between your computer but still have the same folder structure on both computer. Why not have the complete data  ? Lets think a bit about it.

Lets say I have a folder, Bank. This has all details including account number, scans, etc. Now I am visiting to other city where i might not need all document but some like only my scanned document. I also know that when I come back I will have some more related document which I will keep in the same folder back home. This is what Mirror Folder application does.

Mirror Folders

This application creates the same folder structure on demand any where you want and only for folders you want and only copies files which you ask. Just to note that this is not a backup solution.

  • First set relationship between any two folder i.e. which folder you have same directory structure.
  • Navigate to Source folder.
  • Select folders and files which you want to be create in portable location.
  • Right click and select context menu “Mirror Folders”. Now if the folder is already available in the portable location, it will prompt to open else it will ask to create. Same happens for files also.
  • Another useful feature is switching between the source and portable folders quickly. This makes it easy for comparison and you do not have to go around navigating folders.
  • The same steps can be done from portable folders also.

Mirror folders demo



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