Misplaced your Phone? Ring it – Recover it

Misplacing your cell-phone is a very common scenario, probably all of us have misplaced our phone at some point of time, and there are people who do this almost every day, isn’t it? Well, not to worry, here is something which can help you with this. fonefindr.com is a free service which helps you to recover your lost phone.

All you need to do is, key in your phone number, and using the drop-down menu, select one from ‘Call right now’, ‘Call in 30 seconds’, or ‘Call in 1 minute’.

Ring your Phone for free to find your misplaced phone

Once you get a call, receive it to record your message for fonefindr.com, they do it for fun, so as to share the hideout of your phone with the other visitors of this website.

However this service didn’t work for me (seems like it doesn’t work for CDMA phones), but I can see several Indian names on the website which indicates that it is working for Indian mobile numbers, also I saw an Indian guy who probably by mistake has entered his phone number in ‘Phone’s Hiding Spot’ field, this too is an indication that fonefindr.com is working for Indian numbers as well. However I have featured another service which too works almost on same lines, but it works only for US and Canada, read more about the service here.

So, if you too have misplaced your phone, and want to find it out, give fonefindr.com a try, and share your experience with us. Also you can bookmark fonefindr.com, you never know when all of a sudden you need it, isn’t it?

Try fonefindr.com

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