Missed adding dates to snaps ? Date Stamper does it all

In Digital Cameras there is an option which prints the date in the images when taken. This is useful if you don’t mind a date showing up in the picture. We did that in our Rajasthan Trip and it came very handy though arranging images by date can be done in any OS.

However if you don’t have it and you want to have dates stamped even after images are already taken, Date Stamper gives you a helping hand if you havent removed the Exif Data ( Here is one tool which can check if it’s tampered ) from the images.

Add date to Images

All you need to do is get all the photos from your digital camera to one folder and then stamp it with your favorite colour. All the images are suffixed with _stamped so you still have your original image.

Download | Via Fantastic Freeware

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