Missing Windows 7 driver ? Checkout RadarSync

I have got 20 emails last night where people after checking out our upgrade and migration guide for Windows 7 had asked us what they would do for missing drivers in Windows 7.  Though I am pretty sure that Windows 7 is providing the most updated drivers but still if you are missing RadarSync Windows 7 section had setup a nice search page which lets you find Windows 7 driver for your hardware if it fails to install on your computer.

You can select Windows 7 32 or 64 bit and then select categories or companies of your hardware. This will then list out the updated software, if it has been provided by the Hardware manufacturer.

  • Search or scroll down to browse by vendor for the Windows 7 driver updates you need,
  • Backup your drivers online in a software Pack (Pack it!) (login or register first)
  • Use RadarSync’s PC Updater to get auto-update reminder


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