Baby Mobile for Kids

At Infocom the second best gadget after Nokia E7 was Baby Mobile, a brand new concept mobile by C2K Communications which helps you kid calling you back with just one touch button and it includes location tracking using GPS so you know where your kid is at.The price is estimated within 4000 INR.

Feature list :

  • Children Positioning Inquiry : Parents can specify certain time for baby mobile phone to notify the positions of children.
  • One Key press to call important numbers to Dad, Mom or Uncle.
  • An important security feature of this baby phone is that nobody can call your kid unless the number is fed into the mobile. The count of such phone numbers is set to 50 Max.
  • Limits the time duration when children can talk on phone to prevent from spending too much time on the phone.
  • School Time Shielding : Parents can switch to silent mode according to time period of their classes but the kids get notified about missed calls and message etc.
  • This mobile comes with Software which can be installed on your PC and you can feed in the number, track, and also configure a do not disturb mode.
  • It also has Anti Theft tracing and Restricted Power Off Facility.

Below is a video demo : ( YouTube Link )

You can get in touch with them here


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