Mobile Phone Dermatitis, Beware

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives, it has different definition for each of us, for some of us it’s just a gadget to stay in touch with friends, family or colleagues, for some of us it may be style statement or a fashion accessory, passion for some.

After all, mobile phones have a lot these days, if we think in very basic terms, mobile phones have a lot, lot more than we could ever dream of. Saying that mobile phone these days are, a very high end gadgets, which can play the role of different gadgets, varying from your home to work place needs, and have a functionality to make calls too would not be an overstatement, lol. Well, looks like I am deviating from my actual discussion.

Mobile Phone Dermatitis, Beware
Mobile Phone Dermatitis, Beware

Well, I am here to discuss, one of the side effects of Mobile Phone usage, known as Mobile Phone Dermatitis.

It has been lately reported on different sites that, A new type of skin disorder “mobile phone dermatitis” has been discovered, in which people who spend long periods of time on their mobile phone develop an allergic reaction to the phone’s nickel surface.

What happens in Mobile Phone Dermatitis?

Rashes on skin can be observed in Mobile Phone Dermatitis, these rashes would typically occur on the cheek or ear, precisely on the areas where the metal part of the phone comes into contact with the skin.

Also, rashes may appear on fingers, to the users who are a lot into Text Messaging.

Reason behind Mobile Phone Dermatitis

Presence of nickel, in menu buttons, headsets, decorative logos etc, the prolonged contact of skin with nickel, gives birth to such kind of skin disorders. People with history of allergic reactions to nickel, are more prone to Mobile Phone Dermatitis.

Researchers, is a study tested 22 different models from, 8 different mobile phone companies, and found the presence of metal in 10 models.

However, treatment with topical steroids and avoidance of future contact (getting a hands-free device) should quickly resolve the problem. So try limiting your mobile phone usage, and if in case you get any rash on your cheeks or ear, fix an appointment with the doctor immediately.

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