Monitor changes in folders with directory changes watcher

Windows 7 / Vista provides you with feature where you can track who is accessing the shared folder but there is no way you can track what files changed in those folders. This is where Directory changes watcher comes into play. This portable application can keep a watch on any of selected folders to track whenever the changes take place.

Apart from tracking the changes, DCW ( Directory changes watcher ) can also create a mirror of that folder which makes sure you can get revert back the changes in case.

Directory changes watcher
Directory changes watcher

Here is the list of features for directory changes watcher :

  • Recursively scans directory provided in Directory to watch project option saving time of last change for every file found.
  • Creates Mirror by Recursively scanning the  directory provided in Directory to watch project option. It compares time of  last change for every file found with time saved during latest capture.
  • Supports watch for multiple folders. You can watch any number of directory changes by creating separate projects for them.
  • Exclude Certain files by creating filters.
  • The only drawback here is the sub folders and files inside it are not tracked which I am hoping can be implemented in future releases.

Find out the complete details on more options @ Directory Changes Watcher


  1. Tried it..

    1. It may be good for mirroring a folder( which i did not try).

    2. Since I did not use the mirror option n left dir to mirror filed
    empty, it started throwing bogus exceptions.

    3. I could not figure how does it qualify as “Folder monitor”,
    a) I added a folder to dir to watch field, scanned it once using
    b) Now i added a file to the folder being watched …. waited
    for some time, i thought may it will pop up some msg saying
    “there are some new files in folder you are monitoring”,
    but i guess this guy do not keep polling on a regular interval,
    but it doesn’t .
    c) I re scanned it … but no result….

    Please let me know how can i use it only to monitor a folder. May be i could not discover the things.


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