monoface: A nice toy and funny screensaver for free

monoface is a nice toy, here they have several faces, and the best part about this toy is all you need to do is click on any part of the face you see in front of you, and it will change into some funnier looking face.

Here is a snapshot of a faces, which were generated by randomly clicking  the different parts of face.

So, the game is you have to click to get funny faces, if you don’t like a particular face, you can click on the ‘shuffle face’ link, to get a new face to play around.

You can also get a screensaver here both for your Mac and PC, install it to get funny faces, which keep shuffling when your screen saver starts.

Give it a try and don’t forget to get the screensaver, it’s funny, trust me!

Visit monoface

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