Montage is an excellent live topic tracker

If you are into tracking topics for either building project reports or to find latest update in an area, Montage is an excellent tool which I would suggest to give a try. The very idea of montage is to aggregate news from various sources RSS Feeds, Twitter, Facebook etc and then filter based on what you need to see and nothing else. As it uses a combination of Video, Image and pulls part of text from feeds the experience of reading articles on this is very close to what you do with newspaper except that its more personalized.

  • To start with it, go here and type in a topic and it will create a tracker for you with couple of option for layouts.
  • Done that you can now save this under your account for which you can use Twitter, Facebook and Windows Live Account.
  • You can edit each section to add your feed or twitter terms to get it listed on the page.
  • You can have N number of topics that can be saved for which you get option to publish each under your account and share it with rest of the world.
  • It gets updated in real time so you dont miss anything.

Once signedin you get option to manage your topics, change and update and publish it if you want.You can decide it run as slideshow if you plan it run on a second monitor or tv and also set whether the ticker should move left or right. If you are space conscious turn it into a list  view.

This product is developed by the Microsoft’s FuseLabs. Check it out here


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