Moonjee – Everything you wanted to do with Face in an Image

Monjee is an online tool that allows you to add expression to a face, create face art, blend a face, analyze it and make a virtual Makeover (similar to making an avatar ). I have seen tools before which do things with faces, but this is like a one-stop tool. It has everything. Before I start drilling in, we need to get one thing right. The photograph. Since this tool makes a map of your face, i.e., locating your eyes, lips, etc., you need to upload a picture with a straight face of yours. No bends and, yes, no heavy makeups. It messed when I tried with one of the pics.


Let’s break it into steps. This is what it can do

  • Make a face
    • Adding expressions like happy, sad, angry, young, old, etc
  • Make a face art
    • Add a mask, tattoo, or make it artistic
  • Blend faces
    • make an average face out of 2
    • mix your face with your partner and see what your baby might look like.
  • Analyze a face
    • It is a fun tool. Check out personality predictions
    • and find how beautiful a face is
  • Virtual Makeover
    • It is similar to making an avatar, adding hairstyles and colors, etc.

Now you know what you can do with this excellent tool. Let’s see some snapshot

Adding Expressions to the Face


Adding Tattoos


Adding  Masks

Add masks

Creating an Average face of 2 or more faces

manav ashish blend
That’s how Manav and I look when mixed, lol.

Virtual Makeover of a face


Now, this is what happened to Manav’s Pic. Now if you see the image wasn’t straight. Manav had his head a little bent backward and this the make-over of his face didn’t turn out to be right. Thus make sure you put on the right.

Now what You can do next with the photos and faces you had done with it? This tool allows you to

  • Post it on your blog
  • Send as SMS to your friends
  • Create a Gift pack of it to surprise people
  • send then on email
  • or Print it out.

They also allow you to share photos with people who are logged in. Showcase is one fun place to explore. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try Moonjee and have lots of fun.


  1. Hello. I was planning to cancel my Moonjee subscription in June. I went to its website and it was replaced with the Meitu website. For that, I can’t find a way to cancel my subscription. I wonder why Moonjee got closed down for good.

  2. Hello, Ashish. Well, since Moonjee–based in San Francisco–is no more, I won’t be able to cancel my subcription at all.

  3. Hello, Ashish. I’m not sure. I did not see any official news about Moonjee’s demise or folding into Meitu.


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