Mopshots : Find best hair style and salon in your area

Planning for a haircut for a party or friends wedding ? Looking for a new saloon but you want to be sure if the saloon is good and is what you are looking for ? Looking for a funky ir professional haircut ? MopShots can tell you right about it.

MopShots is an online service which lets you find best hair style and best salon near your area. It’s user driven and user submitted data on their haircut details i.e. Which salon, Picture after haircut, Where is the saloon located etc. This data can be used by people who are looking for a good saloon and gives them what they are looking for.

MopShots has set of  MopShots Dictators who review submissions, provide advice and select which shots get featured on the site.  This way it maintains the credibility of the saloon who do a good job.

Sample haircut styles with reviews

Each of the submitted snapshots is given a dedicated page which has options of users comments and reviews with address of salon available and Stylist name. This makes sure you get the right person to get your job done.

Overall Mopshots is an excellent service. With haircuts taken from different angles makes sure you choose the right hairstyle at right salon for you. Give Mopshots a try


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