Moto E Unboxing and Gaming Performance

Moto E, the low end Android Phone from Motorola, has left me impressed for this price range from two perspective till now. First the build and screen quality is impressive.  It beats out most of the phones including Nokia X series and the Asha series but it misses the form factor because of its thickness. Most of the phone in this range are pretty slim.

Check out the unboxing video for the details:

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Second impressive factor is gaming. Powered with 1 GB ram and Snapdragon 200, this phone just beats out any other phone in this price range for its performance.  There is no lag, no frame drops nothing. The phone doesn’t even heat up. Below is quick gaming video of Moto E with Asphalt 8 Heat which is a defacto for us to test any phone.

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Overall the phone wins a big hear for low range consumers with its performance. I don’t have doubts if its going to lag for apps also but then we will see some real test. We have started our detailed review, so if you have any questions please let me know, specially if you are planning to buy it.

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