App to Switch between Multiple Computers using Same Keyboard and Mouse

Working on multiple computers is pretty common scenario specially if you are power user or a developer with multiple desktop and screens all around your table. However the problem comes when you need to use multiple Keyboard and Mouse for each of them.

Now since you aren’t working on remote conditions most of the time,  Mouse with Borders is an excellent solution when you are looking for something which free and app that works to get rid of those extra keyboards and mouse and bring an end to the confusion.

Mouse without Borders is a project from The Garage, which officially lives and work in Microsoft to create innovative products. It allows you to reach all your computers on the same network without remote access and as seamless as moving your mouse to secondary monitor which many use to extend their desktop.

Mouse without Borders

How it works ?

  • Once you have installed this on your computers which you want to access, you need to link all your computers using a Key and name of the computer in the network.  The computer name should be  exact name of your computer and not a nick name which you can remember.
  • Once done you need to set the direction of your Monitor i.e. which computer is on left and which is on right.
  • Thats it, Now when you have set it on all computers, just move your mouse to left or right and enjoy the product.
The only troubleshooting can be if you are not able to find your computer which means either your antivirus is blocking or your Firewall is causing a problem
Features :
  • Apart from using the same mouse and keyboard, you will be able to transfer files from one computer to another even if it is to extreme left or right. The only drawback is you cannot change where it is saved. By default it saves to a predefined folder on your desktop so just use a Rule based copy software to move it to some other drive on your computer if you are running out of space.
  • Second you can capture screenshot from any desktop of all the desktops and get it on any computer i.e. If you are in computer you can get screenshot of Computer C or All A, B, C, D computers on Computer A.
  • Copy text to any computer.
  • Login or Lock all the connected PC at Once.


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