Move Installed Games to another partition without reinstalling

Games take a lot of space and you quickly run out of space in your C drive or any other drive where you are installing it. On top of that some games will always use the drive where you had installed your Windows.

Seeing this problem, Paul Traynier developed an application, Stream Mover,  which can move or rather map your installed games to any other drive where you have space without taking the pain to install it again.

Game Mover

Since this is portable in nature, all you need to do is first select the folder where you game is and drive where you have a lot of space. This will list down all the games. Now select the folder which you want to move and it will do all the magic. This action is reversible, just select the blue arrow icon to send it back from where it came.Using this utility you can temporary move games to somewhere else and install new games.

This application was developed primarily for Stream games but works for any installed games or any installed programs. It uses commands to change the source path and junction directoriesDownload Stream Move


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