Move, resize and snap windows in all possible ways using Keyboard

Specially designed for keyboard power users. WinLayout is a small utility which has all possible combination of keyboard shortcuts to resize, move and arrange your open windows in the way you want. This is the best app in this respect we have seen here.

Two things you will love most :

  1. You can even move windowspixel by pixel to get that perfect allignments.
  2. Users Numpad in shortcuts. For example WIN + 6 or WIN + NUMPAD6 = Move active window to right
    WIN + 7 or WIN + NUMPAD7 = Move active window to top left.

Here are few of them :

  • WIN + O = Maximize active window
  • WIN + P = Show active window position and size
  • WIN + X = Close active window
  • WIN + Z = Minimize active window
  • WIN + 1 or WIN + NUMPAD1 = Move active window to bottom left
  • WIN + ALT + 1 or WIN + ALT + NUMPAD1 = Move active window to bottom left and resize it
  • CTRL + WIN + 1 or CTRL + WIN + NUMPAD1 = Snap active window to bottom left
  • WIN + HIFEN or WIN + NUMPAD- = Decrease active window size
  • WIN + ALT + DOWN = Increase active window height by one pixel

This application is portable so you can carry and use it any computer you want 🙂 Download it from here.

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