Moving / Transfer mail from one Gmail Account to other using IMAP and Outlook 2010 and 2007

This is a nice trick and pretty useful in case you want to move / transfer all your mails from one Gmail ( virtually any mail account which supports IMAP ) account to another. Now you might say you can forward all but  its gonna take time plus it will LOOK like forwarded mails not real.

Another advantage you get with this ( I think that’s possible in just gmail ) that all replied mails for that mail also gets moved . Cool isn’t it . Now the steps on how to do it.


  • You have your mail accounts confgured in outlook using IMAP.
  • Your Microsoft Outlook is in Online Mode.


  • Select a mail from Gmail Account A and drop into any of the folder of Gmail Account B. Make sure you see the mail in Account B Folder.
  • Now after the sync is complete , check your Gmail Account B in your browser  and Look for the mail you transferred. It should be there.

It was fun doing it :D and so if you have one such requirement to move all your mails from one account to other, all you need is IMAP enabled and Microsoft Outlook. Have fun!!!


  1. I tried this (using Thunderbird, same idea though) and it copied the mail from A to B, but I cannot seem to delete the mail from account A. It just won’t go away. My plan was to reduce the size of my stored mail in my main account (A), but store it in a “storage” account (B). Any idea why I can’t seem to delete any mail from A?

  2. This wont work for most setups.

    When the emailclient sends the command to delete the emails after a copy (this is what a move is), gmail does what it always does when you delete something, it removes the label which the folder indicates.

    However, if you move the files away from the “[Gmail]\All mail” folder it probably should work, or it might work if you set up your client not to delete mails but to move them to the “[Gmail]\Trash” folder. Gmail will clean out the trash after a couple of weeks.

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