Search MSDN Forums right from Desktop : MSDN Forum Assistant

If you are an avid user of MSDN Forums and depend heavily on your queries answered by experienced users, MVP and even Microsoft Guys there, MSDN Forum Assistant gadget for Windows is making it lot easier for you.

Features of  MSDN Forum Assistant

Asking Questions

Directly Open Ask Question in any of your favorite forum.This reduces lot work where you navigate, find the forum and post a question.

MSDN Ask a Question in Favorite Forums

To do this you need to first set which forums are your favorite and when you click on Ask Question, it displays list of forums you had selected. When you click on the forum link, it opens the form where you can type i n your question. Remember make sure you are signed into Live Account in that browser for even faster access. Else you will be asked to signin.

Thread Notifications :

Get notification of threads or forum post you have participated or from any of your favorite forum you generally participate. For this you need to set your display name or just select your favorite forums.

Notification from MSDN Forums

The Search Box

Launch the search directly from the gadget into MSDN forums. All you need is to type in your query and it will open the search result in IE, getting you all the results from the forum alone.

Priority Support :

For users have advance subscription with MSDN can make use of Priority support option to get access to the forums directly.

What is Missing in MSDN Forum Assistant :

  • Search still needs to be refined. For example many users will like search in particular forums only. For that I need an option to select a forum first and then type in my search. Similar to Ask a Question.
  • I will love to get signed in here and then use this gadget. This makes sure I am free from all the headache of signing in the browser it opens into.

Video Demo :

Direct Link to Video

Download Resource :


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