Multi Platform Log Reader : Glogg

Logs are always a savior for an administrator when it comes to troubleshooting and finding the problems which never can be found when just look at those dumb error codes which flash here and there.

Even then Log files aren’t as simple as kids story book that you can read through and figure out so unless you are smart enough to figure out what is where or the log is built by the app smartly you will have good time dating with them.

Introducing Glogg. This is smart log file reader which works on multiple platforms and not just on windows. It supports Debian, Ubuntu, Mac, Other Linux Platforms and Windows.

What makes it a better Log Reader ?

  • It supports regular expression which is a must.
  • When you make a search, the results are presented in a readable way and not just highlighted so all you can do is scroll up and down. Instead, it just filters the rest and gives you the matches only in a separate windows to poke around. This makes sure you see both the full log and filtered log if you need to match.
  • It does not have any limit on the file size of the log. This means even if you have GB’s of them, bring them on. What it does is instead of loading it into RAM it loads it into disk which makes sure that your computer doesn’t get slow and you still can have fun with the log file.
  • If you have loaded a log file which is getting updated in real-time, it can still find what is new. Make sure to select Auto Refresh Checkbox for that.
  • Uses a UNIX Style and you will be happy to know that it has VIM like commands.

GloGG Log Reader

  • You can have predefined filters if you are working with log files with same type which can be prioritized.
  • Choose between Extended Regexp, Wildcards and Fixed Strings.

Download Glogg


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