MultiMonitorTool : Save Monitor Configuration, List Apps with Drag Drop support between Monitors

Using Multiple Monitors is not only a geeky trend but also one of the productivity idea which helps many perform, and track multiple stuff on the fly.  So now if you are doing this on Windows Machine, here is a free software, MultiMonitorTool which helps you increase your productivity to next level.

How it works ?

Its a standalone application which automatically detects all your connected monitor as you launch it. It then displays everything in two panes. The upper pane displays Monitors, and when you select one of the monitors you get to see details of the applications running.

Multi Monitor Tool

Things which I really find cool about this tool !!!

One, It helps me find and list all the window, apps and browsers which are open on any of the monitors. This means you don’t have to hurt your eyes or switch manually to any of the monitor to find whats running. This even gets one step ahead and brings preview of that monitor when I hover it.

Second, It comes with Save Load Configuration which means it can save screen resolution, colors depth, and monitor position of every monitor. So if you are using every monitor with different layout etc, this is very very handy when you need to do a reset.

Lastly, You can send a program from one Monitor to another by just using Drag and Drop from the application itself. This is so much of time savior.

Apart from this you can disable & enable monitors in one click and it comes with command line tools, if you want to extend this into your program.

Download MultiMonitorTool


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