Multiple Countdown timer App for iPad – nTimer ( Free Today )

iPad doesnt have multiple alarm clock which is useful when you want to set up a series of alarm either to get up or get reminded about some work after sometime.  Though you can do it through Calendar events but that’s not very convenient when you do not want to mess up your calendar with you alarm schedule.

nTime is an iPad, iPhone app which lets you create multiple countdown times where you can add subject to it and select a custom alert from the available list. The sound volume is pretty high to even wake somebody sleeping around you!!

Multiple countdown timer for iPad
It maintains the list of all the timers you create, so at any point of time you want to set the timers again just select it from the Previous Timers list and hit start which makes it as useful as an alarm which can repeat every day.

Others features of nTimer :

  • Create Default Timers, useful for your common reminders.
  • You can reverse the counter to count forward.
  • If your device is set to sleep mode, it can be disabled from here.

This app costs 0.99 cents but its free today ( 24/4/11) , So quickly grab it from here.

How to create Alarms using the Calendar App on your iPad

If you did miss it, try creating Alarms using the Calendar App. Launch it and hit the + sign which is on bottom right. It will open a popup window where you enter

  • Title, Location,
  • Start and End ( Keep a diff of One minute Max ).
  • Repeat can be set for Every Day
  • Set an Alert as On date of the event.
  • Add Notes if you want.

Add Alarm in iPad

Done this you have an alarm to go off every day.

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