Music Bee : Manage your music collection easily

Music bee is an advanced software application which is fit for music geeks who always put time to manage the collection, name them properly. Similar to Tag Scanner, Music Bee is another good solution for managing music files.

Manage and Organize Music Files
Manage and Organize Music Files

Here is the list of features for Music Bee:

  • Track and Watch Folders for new music files.
  • Auto tag with predefined rules.
  • Manage Online sites like Podacasts, shoucast, jamendo,
  • Download Album Art
  • Supports advance search to find missing tags, mass replace etc.
  • Formats supported include ID3 and APEv2 (for MP3 files), Vorbis Comments (for Ogg and FLAC files), MPEG (for M4A files), WMA, and APEv2 (for most other files).
  • Automatic Organization of files based on the names.
  • Supports synchronization between devices.
  • File format conversion supported.

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