Muting or Ignoring Conversations in Gmail

We often keep subscribing to mailing lists, like Google Groups where not all the conversations are for you. It is sent to the group and might have no mention about you. This kind of conversation most of use read it later in our free time.

Gmail has the solution for these unimportant messages ( this is like a compromise, lol ) get delivered on your Gmail account but they don’t bother you unless its for you ( Thats the catch ).  This feature called as Mute or Ignore Conversation, another reason to love Gmail.

All you need to do is simply select a conversation and hit the ‘m’ key, and this categorizes particular message as Muted. The muted message when gets an update doesn’t hit your Inbox and stays archived, until and unless your email address is not there in CC or To field, if so the message will pop back in inbox to grab your attention.

A Muted Conversation

These messages possess all the other general characteristics, like they will show as unread and they are search able using the is:muted operator. This feature can also be achieved by using More Actions > Mute.

More Actions Mute

So if you too have subscribed some mailing lists, which keep bugging you quite often, try this, I hope you too like it as we did.


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