Nemo Lists Last Modfied / Opened Files in Calendar view [ Windows ]

Windows users who work lot with files everyday need to have their own management system to find how many files they have updated today, what were the types of fie that were modified and in case you have lost track, finding a file which got modified weeks back is way difficult. Though Windows 7 and Vista’s Integrated Search has powerful operators and there are tons of software which helps you track Files and Folder but today we will talk about an interesting software, Nemo Documents, which takes a different approach.

Nemo Document

This free software used the integrated search of Windows to find list of files you modify in your computer and presents you in a calendar like view instead of boring file list. So when you look at it first it looks like an Outlook Calendar with lot of events but actually events are replaced file files which were either accessed or modified by you. Best part is it doesn’t stop here. This application can help you manage files by giving you access to Windows Like File Actions i.e. Delete, Open Folder, Rename etc.

Nemo Document File Overview


Features of Nemo Documents :

Define which folders you want to index.

By default it will add My Document and Desktop but if you organize your files properly and have set of folders defined for them, just add those folder. To add a folder, right click on Nemo icon on Windows Tray and click settings.  Here you get options to include or exclude a folder. You should have at least one folder in the list.

Nemo Folder Settings

Define new File Categories :

If there are certain types of files which fall into same category you can group them. By default you have Images, Document etc. To add a new one, Go to File Types and add. You need to give a name and add comma separated extensions of the files. This is useful as this can be used as one of the filters to sort your files. Once a new type is added, you get option to start rebuilding your index again so those files gets reflected.

Nemo Document File Categories

Types of Filters :

  • You can filter files according to Last Modified, Last Opened and Name.
  • You can also filter according to Month Week Year or Day.
  • Use the above file categories to filter even deeper.
  • If you want to apply this filter to a particular folder, just select the folder from left panel.
  • If all these filters are not enough, you can add custom labels  and add stars to favorite your files. Both of them can be again grouped and mixed with existing filters.

Favorites and Labels in Nemo Document

Managing Files and Folders :

This application also brings the windows menus if you want to manage your files and folders from here. Right click over any file  in the application and you get options to Delete, Open, Open Containing Folder, Copy etc.

Video Demo of Nemo Document



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