NeoReader : QR Barcode Reader for Mobiles

Looks like after Google Started giving out QR Barcodes for small business there is lot of buzz in newspaper and online media both.  I will not be surprised that it becomes a standard soon and also the next  future of  Mobile Spamming with this.

While checking out list of QR Readers @ Blackberry Cool I tried Neo Reader which is suggested as best when it comes to reading QR codes using mobile and it does. It was able to analyze QR code accurately even in dim light and I took a snapshot from the laptop.

QR neoreader sample

QR neoreader sample result

QR neoreader

You can download New Reader which supports wide range of mobile and all you need is a Camera in your phone. Download NeoReader and check out the list of QR Readers  @ BlackBerry Cool.

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  1. Neo Reader is the worst reader on the market and the company is a patent troll trying to monopolize the 2d barcode industry in North America.

    If you have a Blackberry use the internal QR reader that is part of BB Messenger 5.0 – it is by far the best.

    If you have an Android based phone use the Google Bracode Reader. Obviously the Google reader will work best on the Google phone(s)

    If you have an iPhone or pretty much anything else use the Quickmark reader. Quickmark was just endorsed by Google as their reader of choice for the iPhone –

    If you get Neoreader you are supporting an attempt to create an unfair monopoly based on a ridiculous patent.

    Here is a great post on the Neomedia Patent Troll – the last 2 comments are extremly informative –


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