Net Con Manager helps you switch network profile on the move

After I took the office It was a common routine for me to change the network settings i.e. IP addresses and DNS settings of my network card when I came to office and when I get back to home.  This was little tedious unless Sandip Pointed out to Network Connection Manager application.

This application creates multiple network profile using the IP addresses and DNS setting which can be switched with just one click. Of course give a minute max to change it.

Apart from all this it can verify if any of the field is not valid or so. This way you have less of  hassle scratching your head for improper connection. As a bonus this application is 100% portable which lets you even transfer your connection settings from one computer to another.

The only drawback which I see in this application is that it does not load the current network settings by default. I would have definitely preferred this making it easier for anybody to pick and store the data on the run.

You can read more details about this application on the original site ( Romanian) or the English  one and download the application from the same page.

If you are looking for more than just switching the IP, Check out Net Set Man which lets you carry all your settings like printer, DNS, DHCP, Domains , SMTP profiles along with you.


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