NetSetMan : Change all your network settings on the go

If you have a laptop which you move around in between networks and you spend like 15 minutes to set Ip addresses, DNS server and printer settings and you do it every day, then NetSetMan is a mist for you. 

This software allows you to create profiles and keep it ready to use. Once you switch network just actiavte the profile you created for that network and it doesnt take more than a minute.

Netsetman multiple network profile

Here is the list of things you can set :

  • IP Address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Default Gateway
  • DNS Server
  • WINS Server
  • Computer Name
  • Workgroup
  • DNS Domain
  • Default Printer
  • Network Drives
  • SMTP Server
  • Hosts File Entries
  • Scripts (BAT, VS, JS, …)

However you can use this for non commercial usage. Looks like the pro version or may be its paid for commercial usage. Check out NetSetMan

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