NetSetMan : Change all your Windows 10 Network Settings on the go

If you have a laptop which you move around in between networks and you spend like 15 minutes to set IP addresses, DNS server, and printer settings, and you do it every day, then NetSetMan is a must for you. The software allows you to change all the network settings on the Windows 10 computer quickly.

NetSetMan: Change all your Windows 10 Network Settings on the go

Some people are in a condition where they work between multiple offices, and every time they need to switch network, set up something that will make sure the internet works on that network.

This software allows you to create profiles and keep them ready to use in these conditions. Once you switch network, activate the profile you created for that network, and it doesn’t take more than a minute.

NetSetMan Windows 10 Settings

Here is the list of Windows 10 network settings you can change

  • IP Address/Subnet Mask/Default Gateway
  • DNS Server/WINS Server
  • Computer Name/Workgroup/DNS Domain
  • Default Printer/Network Drives/SMTP Server/Hosts File Entries
  • Profile activation can be manual or depending on the situation. The software offers to change network profile:
    • On the logon screen, even before logging on
    • Current IP settings quickly accessible via the tray icon
  • Administration features include
    • Rights management (enabling/restricting certain settings)
    • Simple distribution in company network with pre-configured profiles
    • Sharing individual profiles through export/import function
  • Automatically detects preset networks and activates the corresponding profile on its own
  • Supports both Ethernet and Wifi Adapters
  • Tools include Network Scanner, Console, and Adapter Details.
  • Command-Line support
  • Offers Full and Compact interface for less overwhelming option
  • NSM Service for usage without admin privileges
  • The free version is limited to 6 pcs

There are two versions of the software. In the Pro version, you can also change Proxy
Browser Home Page, and Network-Domain, which is limited in the free version. If you plan to configure many computers, you will need to buy the commercial version.

Download NetSetMan


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