Video: New Features in Google Android N

Google Rolled out Android N for devices like Nexus 6P, 5X, 6, Nexus 9, and the Pixel C.  We take a look on the new features introduced with Android N along with the video next.

First Setup Changes:

  • When you first boot after updating to Android N, you get a welcome message prompting you about Android Beta program. All the future updates will be delivered through OTA update.
  • A new Option “Vision Settings” is available upfront which is basically the accessibility feature. It allows you to customize magnification gesture, font size, display size, and talkback.
  • Additional Apps can now be downloaded before the final setup.

Redesigned Notification Panel:

  • It shows higher density of information, makes better use of available space, multiple notification from same app is now grouped together.
  • You also get quick toggles option in rather thin bar which is pretty handy. To access other additional settings, you can slide down which reveals nice animation as if the screen is re-arranging the icons itself.
  • Quick Settings now span across multiple pages with option to edit the tiles right from there.
  • Android N still comes with app drawer.

Redesigned Settings Menu :

  • Comes with Suggestion panel which recommends settings which I guess will be based on usage, available on the top.
  • Shows if the system settings are enabled in the preview itself.
  • You can access the main menu of the settings from left panel which appears when you swipe to right from left.

Split View Multitasking:

  • Run two apps side by side.
  • It will be available on both smartphones and tablets.
  • New Split view icon in the bottom menu.
  • You can decide which app takes how much space by dragging the divider.

Data Saver:

  • Helps in reducing data usage over mobile network.
  • Locks background data usage.
  • Also reduces consumption of data online.


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