New Generation of Antivirus Shaping up

Almost all the security products available in the market till date work and rely upon the Virus Signature Database, leaving few like Threatfire as an exception, Virus signature database, is a collection of mechanisms and algorithms to identify and block, delete or quarantine the malicious files.

However the efficiency of Signature based security products has lately became questionable, and the main reason behind it is, appearance of new malicious files over the Internet almost every day. These new arrivals are referred to as Zero-Day Threat, and signature database based products are unable to fight and suppress these attacks, due to lack of updates against such threats. Moreover the structure of Antivirus and other products has become complex enough which is exploited by the programmers to create malicious files.

Behavioral engines (which identify and block the malicious files, by tracking their behavior) seems to be the solution, in fact, a product which has both, Virus Signature Database and Behavioral Analysis Engine too, seems to be the next generation in the series of security products.

CloudAV is a project of same kind, running successfully at the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering University of Michigan.

According to Network World, “AVG has completed a deal to acquire Sana Security, which specializes in detecting malicious software based on its behavior. The behavioral technology will be integrated into AVG’s antivirus and Internet security products by the end of June, Smith said. The new feature will not be included into AVG’s free product, but the company could consider doing that in the future”

It would be exciting, to witness such change in the Security Products, CloudAV will be a light weight stuff, as the locally installed host agents are very light weight, but a product with both the kind of engines on the system itself, resource management to keep it light weight won’t be easy for sure, let’s see. All the best! To Team of Developers @ AVG.

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