MOO rolls in NFC App for Android for any NFC tag (Read / Write)

Those who have always fancied about having NFC tags on their business cards, MOO, who specializes in  Business Cards, Postcards and MiniCards, is one the companies who came with such ideas. They in fact distributed 150,000 such business card in 2012.

NFC Business Cards

The same team has now come up with an app, NFC by Moo for Android.,  It allows you to write URLs, phone numbers, maplinks, contacts or social network links to your NFC-enabled MOO Business Cards, or any other NFC tag instantly.

NFC by Moo Write to Tag

The app allows you to create contacts which you often share which includes his name, company, email, phone etc.  Its also possible to pull contact from your contacts book and write it to the card.  Apart from this you can have individual data that can be written.

There are two options for Managing NFC Cards or Tags. One to read and other to reset.

However the app misses one thing. It does not allow to store some data that can be reused. So instead of me every time creating the same data over and over again, I would love to have some library. This can be sued to most commonly used data and I can write it instantly to my NFC Tag.

Download from Play Store


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