Nine reasons why you should get the new Kindle

The New KindleThe new Kindle is  out and now it is powered with WiFi and 3G with the same 6″ reading area but overall the device is smaller. Probably that’s the first reason somebody will opt for Kindle but its more to reading that device is trying to change than actually asking you to buy it on the first hand.

  1. It’s not shiny: When you read a book, something very shiny and glossy on the pages make it a bit of distraction and not attractive. Why ? You keep on looking there when you should have spent time exploring books. The new Kindly is has High Contrast E Ink which makes the text look darker and gives paper like experience.
  2. You can take it to the beach : It’s not bulky, you don’t need wires and on top you don’t to put the device into sunshade  instead of you being there to read the book.  Kindly is perfectly NO GLARE. Read it on the road, in full sun doesn’t matter.
  3. Wi-Fi : Amazon did a smarter thing to compete with other reading devices. Instead of locking users to use their service or taking from their store, Users are not free to get the books over Wi-Fi, so if you are at Starbucks you will probably stay there for bit longer.
  4. 3G : This has been on lot of countries already but for countries like India where 3G is going to be rolled out soon, adding 3G support was smart. Though 3G will cost data plan charges but many people who have unlimited plan will like to use 3G. Getting the books on the go anywhere finding Wi-Fi is a bit of pain, 3G is the best option.
  5. Battery Life like you dont have to charge : The new Kindle battery lasts for 1 month. Yup that’s like you charge it once and you forget it. In case you even forget the charging device you are not like running out of it in next 3-4 hours. This is one of the best-selling point Kindle has.
  6. PDF Reader with more horns : – The PDF reader that comes along with kindle has power of dictionary lookup, ability to take  notes and also highlights texts which you like. This makes it an idle tool for making me come back to same book again and just read important points.
  7. Your Kid can carry it :  The new kindle looks like a calculator which is light but it’s just little bigger than that. Seriously you kid can carry it without you worrying much of that getting dropped somewhere. It weights only 8.7 ounces and is as long as a standard pencil.
  8. More Storage : You can have 35K books stored. Well I don’t think I can even read  10% of that in my life time but for a person who likes to make collection will not run out of storage for sure.
  9. You can check your E-Mail: Last but for users who would love to get on Internet from Kindle do have an option. This new New WebKit-Based Browser , though experimental, can take you anywhere and if you plan to check your email etc, you don’t have to turn on the laptop just for it.

The new Kindle is available in 3 versions.

Here is the comparison :

Kindle Comparison

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