NINJUMP – Become a Ninja with Free Android game

Generally I am not much into gaming, but at times this bug bites me too, though the period is often very short, recently I found this game in android Market, named as NINJUMP, and have been spending a lot of time on this game lately. Also, I came to know that this Game is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well.

You play the Ninja in this game, and your aim is to rise as high as possible, while facing the attacks by the Squirrels, Angry Birds, Bombs, and couple of other hassles. You can either escape the attacks or while taking a jump from one wall to another you can make an attack as well. You don’t need to attack with some special keystrokes or something, as long as you are in air (while jumping), you are in attacking mode. If you manage to kill three hassles of same kind consecutively then you are blessed with a bonus jump, also you can find blue bubbles on the walls, this is actually a shield which saves you from one hit.

Here are some snapshots of the NINJUMP, (the game is too fast to be captured for snapshots, and hence I couldn’t get some good ones for it) –

As I said earlier, I am not much into games but still have been playing this for last couple of days, that’s probably enough to tell that NINJUMP is pretty addictive, Ashish too tried the iPad version of same, that too is free, and has the same views about it. So, go ahead and you too try this game, and enjoy being a Ninja 🙂

Also you can throw an open challenge to your friends by posting your scores on Twitter, Facebook etc. or you can also send your scores via email.

To download and install on your Android Device, search for NINJUMP in the Android Market.


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