No Close: Disable Close Button of Open Windows To Avoid Accidental Closing

How often have you closed the wrong window or browser when you have too many open browsers? I did, and I dot many times, so I had to be very careful when doing it. This is not something many people like as sometimes it’s an extra job to find what was closed firsthand and then to get it to the same state.

No Close: Disable the Close Button of Open Windows To Avoid Accidental Closing

There could be several reasons why someone might want to disable the close button of an open window. One reason could be to prevent users from accidentally closing the window, mainly if it contains important information or is used for a critical task. Disabling the close button could also be used as a security measure to prevent unauthorized users from closing the window and accessing sensitive information.

Thanks to No Close, you have a solution. This small software disables the close button and removes the close option from right-click menus. However, you will need to enable it manually; hence, it has to be window specific. It is designed so that you can use it if you don’t want to close a window accidentally.

No Close also lets you make rules. Like you would only like specific windows to be restricted to close or would like to skip some. You can do that too.

NoClose Settings

  • Enable No close with CTRL + 1
  • You can add any window to the rule by hitting CTRL + 2.
  • Automatic enabling and disabling of close buttons on program start, stop, and window creation.

Download a free copy for yourself.

That said, the software doesn’t work on all types of Windows, especially the apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store. To disable the close button in a window, it uses the WS_SYSMENU style. This style prevents the window from displaying the close button in its title bar. That has changed over the past years.

Remember that disabling the close button may not be the best solution in all cases, as it could cause confusion or frustration for users accustomed to being able to close windows using the close button. It is generally recommended to provide users with alternative ways to close the window, such as using a menu option or a keyboard shortcut.


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