Nokia Car Mode available now, Nokia N9 Support coming soon

Nokia Just announced availability of Car Mode App for Nokia Phones supporting Nokia Belle as of now but support is coming for Nokia N9 later.  For unknows, its an app which offers leading turn by turn navigation by connecting your card and phone together using the app over. So if you have compatible Phone and Car System ( infotainment system ) you can download it and start using.

This app lets you control your phone while diriving which means you can Control Music, Calls, get traffic updates without taking your hands off the wheels/

This app comes in two versions one which combines Nokia Drive etc and the other is called as Nokia Car Mode with Mirror Link which costs £17.99 (€19.99).

There’s two versions of this piece of software. One is called Nokia Car Mode that offers Nokia’s leading turn-by-turn navigation, as well as the overall smartphone experience into the car environment, while also bringing Nokia Drive, traffic updates, Nokia Music and voice calls while driving. Thanks Pino for the headsup

Download :

  • Nokia Car Mode
  • Nokia Car Mode with MirrorLink


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