Notepad 2008 : An advanced notepad with Microsoft office Looks

If you are tried of using traditional Notepad which has nothing buy all text and simple menus, its time you need to try Notepad 2008 which comes with an advanced menu which is of same format as MS office 2007 have – Ribbon based.

Notepad with MS office Menu Look
Notepad with MS office Menu Look
Notepad 2008 printing options
Notepad 2008 printing options

Features what you get here are:

  • Ribbon based menu
  • Tabs for opening multiple tabs
  • Advanced Formatting options for Font, size etc.
  • You can change the colour of the Ribbon.

Its basically a combination of Word + MS office GUI mashup on basic level, but definetly more userfriendly than notepad. However it will depend on how you use notepad. Most if the time I had been using notepad for quick note, clearing the formatting when i copy something from internet and stuff like that. How about you ?

Download Notepad 2008


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