Notepad + Password = Lock Note

Lock Note is a special stand alone porgram which is exactly like notepad utility in windows but has facility of protecting it with a password. As you save it creates another exe which contains your text and can only be opened with the password you provided. This makes it perfect as you dont need to install anything to open it.

You can also drag and drop files in it ( even multiple number of files ) and it will password protect them. However dont try to drop exe file. It doesnt do that.

You might be thinking what could be the possible use , there are lot of programs and even Office word also support it. Thing again.

  • You need to send some small data would you open a heavy program ?
  • You need to lock multiple files.

If you want to do it quick and secure this is a good utility for you. Moreover the information will be encrypted using a password and most modern AES 256bit encryption technology. Its free of cost , find more details of Lock Note

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  1. Need to password-protect or lock important or confidential files on your computer? I normally tend to save my passwords, account numbers, and user names in a text file on my computer, but it’s horribly prone to hackers. If you’re using Notepad like me to store all this highly sensitive information, you’re taking a big risk.
    I’ve previously written about other methods to protect the data on your computer, mostly focused on creating a secure or protected Windows folder:

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