Now read the new scraps of your Orkut account, Right from your Inbox!!

Orkut, probably the most famous social networking service in India, keeps on updating with new features once a while, and this time they have come up with something which I always wished to have.

Earlier, Orkut notified you about the new scraps in your scrapbook, by sending an email to the account associated with your account. This notification consisted of

  • The name of user who has written you this new scrap
  • and a couple of links in order to view the scrapbook by entering your account, or you can check out the profile page of the scrap sender (though this too makes you sign-in to your account),

But what usually made me upset was Can’t they send the scrap too in the email notification itself ? This finally led to leaving the scraps unread as they arrive and sign in to Orkut when I have time and read all the new scraps in one go,

However its happy time now because to read the scrap I don’t need to Sign in to my Orkut account. Orkut has rolled out the feature that now delivers the scrap message too along with the email notification.

Read Orkut scrap by Email
Read Orkut scrap by Email

However there is one big thing still missing in this, Reply by Email or call it Scrap by Email. If you see the above  image , they ask you to reply by visiting the scrapbook.

Though the feature is nice but I feel its half implemented. They should have rolled out scrap by email along and this would have been easy to do . We already have this features in Google Groups where you can reply to the threads just by replying to the email you receive.

So, be happy on the arrival of this new feature, at least you don’t need to sign-in your Orkut account just to read a new scrap, and this is damn useful at times when you are working with a very tight schedule. I am not very sure about when this new feature was launched, but I am sure it’s not very old either.

What do you think about this feature? Do you find it useful, share with us.



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