NuVo Wireless Audio System : 16 Music Streaming Zones, Dual Band WiFi

NuVO has unveiled a brand new concept in Wireless Audio System which allows to stream up to 16 music channels concurrently over Dual Band WIFI which is an excellent solution for home music system. The music is streamed at 600 kb per second which is pretty high for any wifi music network.

So how does it connect with Music ?

You can connect it with your home computer network or directly to Internet to stream music from your favourite music players like iTunes or Windows Media Player. You may also choose services like Pandora and other music and audio networks.There is an app available for both Apple and Android smart phones for controlling various aspects of this audio system

How easy is to set it up ? 

Once you have the apps in place and NuVo audio system connected with the router, the wizard on the app will provide a setup process which is three step installation.

How do they look like ?

NWAS Gateway P200 iPhone5

Now like you can see in the image above, these devices aren’t speakers but more like Routers which can stream. You will have to connect them to stereo speakers as there are no built in speakers. They are optimized for digital music and have 5 way binding ports for stereo speaker connections delivering power at 60 Watts and 20 watts per channel.

Pricing :

There are three components here, Gw100 gateway which is retailed at 199$ while the P200 will sell for 599$ and p100 will sell for 479$. Keeping in mind that you can connect multiple monitors, this works over WiFi, has an app for your smartphone, the price might just fit in your need. More details here

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