Nvidia GPU to support Directx 10 and H.264 HD playback

Nvidia redifnes the notebook . These latest graphics processing units or commonly known as GPUs are mode to give you the ultimate visual experience of Widnows Vista, DirectX 10 games, HD movies. Not only these but applications like Microsoft Live Maps to give the ultimate live effects.The new GeForce 8M Series notebook GPUs are the first in world to support DirectX 10 and H.264 full HD format movies. As per the news they available with PC makers such as HP, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung, and ASUS.

What is a GPU ?

GPU means Graphics Processing Units which is responsible for handling all the video related activities. For an a example when u play games or when you watch any video. As the industry needs are increasing with 3d effects and videos, CPUs have taken responsibilities from the CPU which forms the brain of the system.

NVidia GPU to Support Directx 10
NVidia GPU to Support Directx 10

Features of these GeForce GPUs

They are available in 2 series GeForce 8600M and GeForce 8400M versions

  • Delivers up to 2x the performance for Windows Vista, DirectX 10 games and mainstream applications
  • PureVideo™ HD video processing engine for the ultimate playback of HD DVD, Blu-ray and HD movie downloads
  • NVIDIA PowerMizer™ technology that intelligently balances the user’s need for longer battery life and performance

Check out the video to see the Affects of Nvidia with Windows Vista


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