Office 2010 Outlook and Presence awareness

If you had already downloaded  Office 2010 TP , Outlook has an excellent feature which takes communication to next level. Outlook 2010 is enabled with presence awareness i.e. If any of your contact is in Outlook is also a contact in your live messenger, a green light is shown, telling you that the particular contact is online.

Outlook 2010 communication

This is helpful when you plan to send mail to that person but you skip it since you know he is online right from outlook.

Also, when you hover your mouse you get couple of more options which eases the communication. You can schedule a meeting, add details to Outlook contacts. This makes adding contact details quickly and also retrieve details of contacts right there. Saves time for sure. !!

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  1. Actually, presence awareness has been around since Outlook 2003. So have the actions you listed.

    Eric Legault
    MVP – Outlook

  2. @Eric : Hmm I wonder how did not notice anytime in Outlook 2007 either. This feature pops up anytime you mouse hover the contact and cannot be missed. Let me ask few of my friends to check on it.

  3. @Ashish : Microsoft Communicator 2005 Presense doesn’t work in Microsoft Outlook 2010. Why so? Any idea?

  4. Hi,

    How to turn on “Presence Indicator” in Outlook 2010? I attempted following procedure:

    Outlook 2010:

    Check the box next to “Display online status next to name”

    but this option is greyed out..

    Please suggest what to do?


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