Office 2010 : Protected View and Trusted Documents

Often documents originating from Internet or Email attachments carry potential risk which can harm your data and your personal information. You can obviously have your antivirus do the check but Office 2010 team though why not get this into the documents.  With Office 2010 there are new features introduced to help you protect documents : Protected View and Trusted Documents.

Protected View :

Whenever you download a word, excel or Powerpoint document from internet, The Office 2010 application are automatically opened in protected view which means you get a read only view of the document and you cannot edit, save, print the document. Also if there is any code which connects to outside world or can access your machine is prevented. This means you get to see document in perfectly safe environment which is also called as the Sandbox.

Protected View in Office 2010

The other reason for the document to open in protected mode can be

  • When a document tries to imitate its an Office Document
  • When a document is downloaded from a untrusted location.
  • Or when a file is opened from an unsafe location which is even on network.

Trusted Document :

Now lets say you have already opened a document once and confirmed that the document is safe but what if you see that message appearing again ? Irritating right ? But don’t worry once confirmed  Office Application will remember your trust granted to document and will not prompt you again. This is possible through a feature in Office 2010 document called as Trusted Document.

You don’t have to do anything for this except giving permission for once.However anytime you still feel view the file in protected view just follow this instruction.

Also at the time when you see this protected view message, you can always click on File and Then see the Security Warning under Info menu of BackStage.  Here is what I saw when I accessed a web data base.

Trust Center Settings Office 2010


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