Bring back old style image viewing in Firefox (White Background)

In the latest version of Firefox, when you open an image, it is displayed with a dark background and centered which for many has turned into an awfully bad feature.  Though having a center aligned image is a great but dark background option is just not right for many reasons.

Few Reasons why you want to remove it ?

  • Dimensions for Black borders or dark borders images will not be clear here. This is a crucial point if you are a designer. Firefox does not give you an option to change the background colour.
  • Because of background color the Transparent Images are just messed up now.

Transparent Image in Firefox

So here is a simple addon to fix this problem. Old Default Image Style Extension for Firefox removes the new styling used by Firefox, and lets you view the image normally i.e. White Background and left aligned.

However if you want to keep the center aligned option but want to change the background color, the extension allows you to set background color of your choice, choose to center align image or not and the option to remove or keep the default style sheet.

Old Default Image Style Firefox Addon

To install, Open this link in Firefox and install it, just like any other addon. This add-on is a big example, of why you should not fix something which is not broken.

However, Seamonkey users will find issues with this as it does not work as expected. It only works for the originally opened Seamonkey window and the window from which you installed the plugin, but some users to claim that this can be fixed by editing the install.rdf file.

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