OneNote gets better SkyDrive Integration

Looks like the shopping commercial of Windows Phone using One Note has made Microsoft Office Team make the live integration even better with two new improvements. One the ability to open any one note into the sky drive and secondly you will see error messages related to sync right where the one note is syncing.

Open Online OneNote file without going to SkyDrive

This makes sure that you don’t have to go to your SkyDrive first to open any notebook, Instead now  when you click on any of the notebook listed, it will launch it in the native one note client  where as before it you were sent to SkyDrive account first and then launch.In case you don’t see your OneNote File, you stil have option to click and navigate to Skydrive instantly.

OneNote SkyDrive Access

Unified Interface for Sync :

The Error Tab is gone and  synchronization progress, status, and any errors are all in same place and right next to where it happens. This means you don’t have to switch to find which error was pointing to which onenote sync  giving you a big relief from troubleshooting you were doing for a required troubleshooting situation.

OneNote Error Issues

Now when an error occurs, You get the old traditional yellow exclamation mark clicking on which  opens the old age error codes but gives you a nice Get help link that takes you to a page which has elaborate help. Bravo to that.

You can get the update from Windows Update where you will need to select it from Optional Update or grab it from here ( Download and Apply All 4 updates ).


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