OnTopReplica : Awesome tool to duplicate window for live preview

Most of us are aware of the mini view of Windows Media Player which used to sit on the Taskbar in Windows. However many a times it is not just the video for which you would like to see a preview but things like Facebook update, or Twitter Update or any Windows which is getting updated regularly needs to be tracked.

OnTopReplica is a software which is primarily for duplicating a window to small size and keep it on top to always see a live preview of the change but it has got more :

  • Resize any duplicated window to 2:1 to Full Screen.
  • In case you dont want the complete window and only a part of it, You can select a region of the duplicated window to get refreshed.
  • Allows Click Forwarding : When you click on the preview it clicks the application which is useful when watching video or music.
  • Chrome less to remove all useless borders and with support of AERO you get a transparent window etc.
  • One Click positioning to any corner of the screen.

Here are the screenshots :

Click forwarding
Select Regions

Download OnTopReplica


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