Open links in any of the browsers you want : Browser Tray Switch

As browsers become much more secure and powerful, I see more and more people using 2-3 browsers along with their favorite one. Even if you ask them they might not accept but yes we have started using different browsers for different purpose and this always gives us a choice to switch to any if we want.

Also you must have set your favorite browser as default browser for your computer. This makes sure that any link clicked is opened in your default browser. However many a times you would like to open links in a different browser than in your default but you can’t :). It is not possible to decide in which browser it should be opened when you click.

Keeping this in mind, Browser Switch tray lets you change your default browser to different one and when you click it opens in the one which you had just made as default.

The main purpose of this is to change your default browser in a click which Nirmal has explained very well in his post but I found it useful to open link in different browsers.

Also this application cannot detect all the browsers on its own. It finds the browser by looking at the default browser settings in the registry.  If you change the default browser manually, change is reflected in registry which is picked up by this application.

Click on it whenever you change the default browser and it would save it in its configuration file. Basically it must be taking a backup for registry setting for default browser and whenever you want to switch it just changes the registry settings pointing to different browser.

Download and find more about Browser Switch Tray@ Donation Coder


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