Open multiple links in Firefox with a single click

It is a common habit of internet users to open a couple of sites every day. To accomplish this most of use bookmark and open it one by one. Though bookmarking is always a better solution which can be easily maintained but then bookmarks grow bigger each day. The alternate way is to use the Ctrl key to open the links in a new tab. However, if you want to open multiple links in Firefox with a single click, here is how you do it.

Open multiple links in Firefox with a single click

Keeping the above idea in mind, Open Links in Tabs is a useful Firefox extension which lets you open multiple URLS  in one go. The link can be anywhere on the page, but once you have selected the links, they all can be opened together. Here is how it works.

Once the webpage loads completely, highlight the set of links you wish to open using the left click. Next, right click and the option will be in the context menu.

Open Multiple Links in Tab

If you have used Open Selected Links extension earlier, then this is a fork of the same extension. However, there is only a single context menu to launch the links.

I wish the extension also adds a feature where one can save all the selected links to a text file, and later open them together. That would be great if one doesn’t have much time to look at all the links right away.

Download Open Links in Tab


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