Now open your PDF files in Tabbed Fashion [ Foxit 2.3 update ]

Latest version of Foxit 2.3 has been recently launched, Foxit has already established itself as a light weight, full featured PDF reader. The most attractive feature of Foxit 2.3 is, the tabs, exactly like your web browser, you can open multiple PDF files in single window, and switch between them using the tabs.

Open Multiple PDF files in Tab
Open Multiple PDF files in Tab

Other New Features

  • Multimedia Player Support
  • Callout and Text box Tool
  • Commenting Text Tool
  • Rulers and Guides
  • Magnifier
  • Automatic Scrolling

Yet all the new features are not avaialble in the free version, still switching to Foxit 2.3 as your default PDF reader makes sense.

My Experience

  • The new tab feature is awesome, very useful for people who read lots of PDF files.
  • This version is heavier than older ones of Foxit, but still very light weight as compared to Acrobat
  • Setup download is 2.55 Mb which is almost 1/10th of Acrobat’s 22 Mb setup.
  • If you don’t want to install, you can go for the 2.90 Mb zip file as well, just download and start using Foxit 2.3.

You can read more details on New Features of Foxit 2.3, and it can be downloaded here. For a detailed comparison of other free popular PDF Readers you can have a look to our Compared and Tested series on popular pdf readers


  1. A pdf is open in foxit reader and when i tried to open another pdf by double clicking on the icon of that file, nothing happens. I have open a new pdf by going through the file->open menu. This is very annoying.


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